Founded in 2002
, ExportID has become the world's largest international manufacturer and export agent network. ExportID has attracted the best international sales, manufacturing and buying agents through a sense of trust and security not found in other online trade networks.

Strict member requirements which demand rigorus background and personal checks ensure security for buyers while the simple "no password hassle" design with easy direct email contact for every member has generated millions of international sales enquiries for members.

ExportID forwards all public trade enquiries with the interested contactee's full contact details including their private return email contact address directly to your private email accounts. For your convenience it is not necessary to log in to ExportID to retrieve enquiry messages, simply forward them to yourself.

ExportID meshes well with ExportBureau company directory mixing both company and international sales agent networks perfectly, providing an excellent open social network platform until now only found at trade shows.

ExportID member card

The international trade world has long been a target for high tech criminal organizations and ExportID is leading the way again with the most secure authentication for your high value business transactions.

In an effort to improve our already leading position as the world's most secure trade network we have included PassWindow secure authentication technology with all our ExportID member cards.

Using this ExportID card members can perform their international trade securely without fear of the many criminal organizations which target this high wealth industry.

Simply superimpose your unique membership card when requested and enter the dynamic password for your transaction.

XIM cryptocurrency


XIM Exporter Importer coin is adopted as our platform standard cryptocurrency for all Exporters and Importers on ExportID and our other trading platforms. Easily and instantly send XIM crypto currency between international accounts with no transaction fees.
Members photos are validated as genuine

Security is always of paramount concern when dealing with international business which often has little legal recourse when disputes arise.

Quality issues, item substituition and outright fraud pervade the international business world which is why we take profile security so seriously. Buyers can be assured that each of our members is manually validated before being granted membership and their personal profile photos are then individually validated as genuine.


Members are requested to upload a validation photo of them holding a piece of paper with their ExportID profile number handwritten on it. In this way their face in the validation photo can be compared with their profile photo and certified as genuine.
Validated members are given priority listing and can be easily identified with a green tick
As thanks members are also given free a 100,000 XIM reward


Commodity Specialist Management
Exporters of commodities such as Sugar, Coal, Powdered Milk, Paper and Scrap Metal are welcome to contact us directly to be part of our new exclusive commodity management group.
Free International Sales Agent Membership

Free membership is available for all international sales agents to use and make contacts with. Applicants must upload their personal photographs with identification and afterwards can control their online profile through a simple profile login section located at the bottom of every page.

If you are not already a member sign up here

Member information page

Easy direct email form on your profile without compromising your email address

Gold Membership

All free members have an invitation system built into their profiles which they can use to invite their clients or business contacts to join ExportID. If any member invites 3 or more members to create free profiles then their own profile will become gold. Gold members are always placed at the top of their selected categories and enjoy extra self promotion features such as
-Your profile will always be at the top of your chosen category and any text searches.
-You can provide references to other members who you have done business with thereby providing a international integrity level to your self.

-Receive discounts on USD currency conversion over Import / Export deals.
-ExportID will now start monitoring your account and over time and activity build a star rating for your profile.

-You can upload 5 product or certificate photos to your profile.

Gold member information page

ExportID Privacy Policy

    All personal information is protected and not sold or given to any 3rd party company to be targetted for spam. The full details can be found here.


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Please note all customer correspondence is replied to usually within hours.
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